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Installing a Cold Room in Singapore

Whether you are running a restaurant, supermarket or warehouse in Singapore, you would have heard of an essential refrigeration facility – the cold room. Cold room, also known as walk-in chillers or freezers, are designed to store, preserve and prolong the shelf life of perishable goods such as fresh vegetables, fruits, meat and the list goes on. 

What to Look Out for When Building a Customised Cold Room Facility in Singapore

With so many aspects to consider, finding a ready-made cold room in Singapore is no easy feat. The good news is – you can now get it customised to suit your business needs and requirements. 

However, while you’ve got the flexibility in your hands, it is crucial to get your cold room’s designs right. Reason being, a poorly designed cold room chiller or freezer can lead to detrimental impacts like skyrocketing bills and massive losses. Now, here are a few pointers that should fall under your checklist:

  1. Making the most out of your storage area: In a space-constraint city, we want to make sure that we optimise our storage space. Furthermore, optimising storage spaces also help to keep energy costs low. You might want to consider implementing a racking system.
  2. Making sure that your cold room has adequate ventilation: Potential mould-growth and indoor air quality issues in cold rooms can be brought about by inadequate ventilation. You’d want to keep the air circulating with a good ventilation system as this could prolong the lifespan of your cold room.
  3. Working within your budget: Setting up a cold room can be a pretty costly endeavour. Remember to take your budget into account, because the last thing you want is to exhaust your financial resources.

Ty Innovations Is Your Best Bet

Lucky for you, Ty Innovations has a vast amount of industry knowledge, expertise and professional experience in construction and designing of various types of cold rooms. Whatever your budget may be, we make sure that you get the best bang for your buck. 

We offer one-stop services such as consultation, site visit, proposing project and design plan, not forgetting, engineering installation and after-sales services to ensure everything hit the mark. On top of that, we also provide reports and updates accordingly on every stage of the project to ensure that it is progressing well so that you will be at peace of mind and be ready to look forward once the cold room is built! 

Enquire with us today. Our professional consultants will be more than happy to assist you!