Panel Size

3 types of PIR panel thickness:

75mm – Production room

100mm – Chiller and Freezer (With firewall surrounding)

200mm – Chiller and Freezer (Without firewall surrounding)



PIR Insulation Panel

PIR panels are made of Polyisocyanurate Foam. They do not support the growth of fungi, are resistant to moisture ingress and are CFC-free. Which are extremely light-weighted and are accepted worldwide as the best fire rated solution for insulated panel construction.


It is suitable for both temperature-controlled and hygiene safe environments. It has the best insulation rating of all widely-used thermal insulation materials due to the low heat conductivity. 


Suitable for:

  • Chiller & freezer room for fresh and frozen food
  • Controlled atmosphere room
  • Production room
  • Food processing room
  • Warehouses



FM Global (FM) Approval

PIR is recognised by the industry as the fire safe alternative to other foam cores. 

FM Global (FM) has a stringent test for accessing reaction to fire and certification is a testament of meeting the industry’s insurance needs.