TY’s prefabricated coldroom is an integrated production of panels and the main components in a factory with upmost quality. Furthermore, being a unit system it can be assembled locally. Thus the storage can be built with standards and speed. It has a stable heat insulation performance and excellent durability.


There are two specifications recommended, according to the type and amount of stored items for partition:

Partition Specification Docking Specification

Table specification in the same temperature range

Partition in different temperature zones

Even in the same temperature range, the storage temperature varies slightly depending on the food. when storing different ingredients concerns about odor transfer are unavoidable, such cases ” Partition specifications ” are effective. Workability is also enhanced.

Most products stored in the Coldroom are either refrigerated or frozen. If both the freezer and chiller are needed. the freezer wall panels can be shared to combine the fridge and freezer. if you are looking so save cost, you could enter the freezer from the refrigerator.


Variations of how the product can be taken in and out:

Walk-In Roll-In  Showcase


With a panel flooring structure, which allows people to walk in and out easily and conveniently through the door whenever you want to check your products in the warehouse. 


This is a concrete flooring, with a large door for a dolly and forklift to access. Specifically to retrieve large items and stock volumes. 


A visible dual-showcase for displays. Able to access into the refrigerator through the door at the side for staff. And able to retrieve products through the front glass doors for customer.