Air-e Nanoe™ Generator

Nanoe™ X inhibits activity of adhered novel coronavirus (SaRS-Co-V-2) over 99.99% in 2 hours.


1. Testing organisation: Texcell (France)

2. Test subject: Adhered novel coranavirus (SARS-CoC-2)

3. Test volume: 45L eclosed box (400mm X 350mm X 350mm)

4. Test result: Virus activity inhibited over 99.99% in 2 hours

5. Report No.: 1140-01-A1

What is nanoe™ X

Nanoe™ X is nano-sized electrified atomized water particles, which is highly effective against airborne and adhered viruses, bacteria, mould, allergens and odour.

Nanoe™ X can prevent Odours, Inhibits 5 types of pollutants such as Bacteria & viruses, Mould, Allergens, Pollen and Hazardous substances. Lastly, it also helps Moisturises your skin and hair.

Nanoe™ X Principle