Automatic Rice Mixer Machine

Ty Innovations Automatic Rice Mixer Machine is definitely the one you need for your business!

Our automatic rice mixer machine is the most delicate part of preparing sushi rice is blending the cooked rice with vinegar. This blender is fully automated, making it easy to guarantee perfect results. Whereby you can produce plain rice or fried rice, whichever how you want your rice to be like.

With our advanced-technology - we invented a robot to work for you. Which helps to save time and cost, as it is automatic.

How should you choose your Automatic Rice Mixer Machine?

A good commercial machine must be able to withstand the heavy duty usage in a commercial environment. Any breakdown or malfunction could easily cause losses or opportunity costs in your business. Worse of all, it may damage your brand image. Hence, it is crucial to invest in a reliable commercial convection oven to support you business.

TY Innovations is your reliable refrigeration partner to support your retail outlets as you expand. We believe that the best devices last long, preserve the quality of your produce and also save energy and cost. This is where Ty Innovations' line of commercial equipment stand out in Singapore!


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Not only do we have a wide variety of commercial kitchen equipment at your disposal, but we are also dedicated to providing an unmatched procurement experience for you. Whether you are looking for a commercial kitchen equipment or commercial refrigeration, we are here to assist! Get in touch today.