Advantages of Panasonic Commercial Stainless Steel Storage Refrigerator Fridge 

Panasonic Pillarless comes with Pillarless and lock mechanism design, allows for a better way to use a wider area during your cold storage requirements and operations. This improves storage capabilities in kitchen, supermarket and home use settings. Dismountable Design for cooling unit for easy repairing It has better and easy accessible, removable condensor area and filter. This allows for better serviceability and maintenance. Moreover, it comes with Inner round corners design in the stainless steel fridge. In which this allows for better upright and undercounter chiller and freezer hygiene and use.

Increasing Better Quality Product and Lifespan Pillarless Design Energy Saving Performance
Moreover, this commercial stainless steel storage refrigerator has a higher Performance and Temperature range. In terms of Higher cooling capacity and wider space area. All in all, there are upright and undercounter chiller and freezer design available for your kitchen cold storage needs. With a lower cooling temperature, it will help limit bacteria, ensuring your stainless steel fridge meets your requirement of increasing better performance and preserving your food in top notch quality!