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Commercial Refrigerators in Singapore

Operating an establishment that require commercial refrigerators? TY Innovations has the widest range of commercial refrigeration in Singapore. Whether you are running a commercial kitchen, supermarket, food manufacturing or any business that require refrigeration, we will be your reliable refrigeration partner to help you find solution to serve within your budget.

Commercial equipment are usually designed to be more durable and powerful. It must be able to withstand the heavy-duty usage in a commercial setting. Commercial fridge will be your reliable backbone of your business. Any breakdown could easily cause losses in your business. Hence, it is important to invest is a good and reliable equipment to minimize breakdowns and ultimately save costs in the long run.

Our basic cold-chain solution includes commercial chest freezers, glass door display chiller and freezer, stainless steel upright and undercounter fridge. In addition, we have specialized solution like cake display chiller, flower glass display fridge, ice cream display freezer, sushi display showcase. We also provide commercial refrigeration systems like supermarket display refrigeration and cold room storages.

Our hot-range solution includes basic cooking appliances like commercial microwaves, speed oven, combi-oven, convection oven and rice cooker. For commercial kitchen, we also provide fryer, griddle, griller, gyoza machine, takoyaki griller, noodle boiler and gas stove range.

Our food processing solution includes ice cream production equipment like batch freezers, pasteurizers, soft serve machine and blast freezer. We also cater sushi production equipment, which includes sushi maker and sushi rice robot to automate your sushi production process.

Commercial Coldroom Chiller & Freezer Design

Why choose Ty Innovations as your top choice for a commercial refrigerator?

We are not just a supplier that provides the best commercial fridges and food refrigeration equipment at the best-valued price in Singapore. From also a professional designer’s eye, Ty Innovations is also a great long-term partner of yours. Our professional kitchen and coldroom refrigeration consultants and designers will be here for you, whenever you need us. Whether it's Cold Room Chiller or Cold Room Freezer, you have our support. We provide new inverter condensing unit and design that is energy-saving. In other words, you get to save a substantial amount of money on the costs associated with energy, compliance with NEA’s requirements, efficiency and overheads.

What Can You Find at Ty Innovations?

We have a wide range of selection of reliable products at valued pricing. Commercial chest freezers, glass door chiller and freezers, ice machines, undercounter chiller and other upright freezer solutions by Panasonic, Carrier, Daiwa and Uniko in Singapore. You can also find open case chillers as well as walk-in cold rooms and commercial freezers, beer and beverage coolers, and many more supplies that will help your commercial kitchen handle even the most demanding needs. Moreover, with brands like Sharp, Maruzen, Gelmatic, Valmar, Kubota, Autec, and more, we have a wide range of reliable equipment to support your food production. Lastly, you can also shop professional cake display units from brands like Kinco or ISA – available on demand.

Should you have any queries about our products or services, please feel free to reach out to our sales consultants at +65 6779 4500 or WhatsApp us at +65 8829 3509.