RTGD-3DF Ty Glass Display 3 Door Upright Freezer A Series


Item available on backorder. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.

Dimensions 1870 × 800 × 2040 mm





Volume (L)


Cooling Type

Refrigerator Type


Power Consumption (W)


Power Source

1 Phase / 220V / 50~60Hz
15A Plug


Glass Display

TY 3 Glass Door Display Freezer is of the highest quality, it was created to move up to the daily challenge of your lively store!

1 Glass Door Freezer, 2 Glass Door Freezer, 3 Glass Door Freezer. This freezer display is mainly used commercially, it is designed to ensure quality of your frozen products (Seafood, Ice) or any products that are required to be in cold storage. Maintenance for TY 3 Glass Door Upright Freezer is as easy as ABC, with a self-closing door and self-evaporating tray. It comes with dazzling bright light to enhance the outlook of your products. The best part is, it even comes with heated glass to remove condensation giving your precious customers a crystal clear view of your products!

Our Aim

TY 3 Glass Door Fridge’s objective is to provide a great value-for-money commercial & professional refrigeration equipment which is suitable to your business’ specifications. Strongly recommended by our prestigious clients! Making sure you fit NEA’s requirement, efficiency and overheads while saving cost at the same time.

Business Usage

3 Glass Door Fridge is a universal and trust-worthy solution for businesses that want to showcase their frozen and refrigerated products and keep frozen products in its finest condition for their customers.

TY Innovations

Serving as Singapore’s Reliable Refrigeration Solution and Commercial Kitchen Equipment Provider. We have a wide range of commercial kitchen supplies which include many products. From durable fridges, cutting-edge bar, bakery, and glass door equipment to refrigeration equipment, supplies and flower appliances in Singapore. You will be spoilt with choices! It does not matter if you are operating a brick-and-mortar restaurant, mini mart, cafe, or supermarket. TY Innovations will cater to your business’ requirements with the equipment needed to optimise the efficiency of your daily operations which leads to sales and thus productivity. TY Glass Door Series also provides 1 Door Chiller, 2 Door Chiller and 3 Door Chiller.

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Note: Specifications are subjected to changes without prior notice.


1. Price of Product includes Standard Installation and Delivery only.
2. Our company reserves the rights to make changes in Specifications, Design and Price of the Product without prior notice.
3. Product includes 1 Year On-Site Warranty Service.
4. Standard Installation and Delivery does not include carrying over the counter, carrying up the stairs. Extra charges will be incurred should there be a requirement for delivery and installation at these conditions. Site Survey is Highly Recommended before making a purchase to ensure a smooth purchase and delivery process.
5. Site Survey is chargeable at $40 per location, refundable upon product purchase.
6. Should customers not request for a site survey, they are required to ensure sufficient space, dimension M&E provision points at the installation location. Customers are also required to ensure the delivery route from the unloading point to the delivery location meets our delivery requirement and conditions.
7. Any omissions above resulting in failure to deliver/install, our company bears no relevant responsibilities and there will be extra charges in re-delivery and installation. Our company reserves the rights to bring back the equipment upon failed delivery.
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