Cooking Appliance

Cooking Appliance 

Cooking Appliance is a need in every household and f&b establishments. It's all kind of machine/equipment which assists in household and f&b functions such as cooking, cleaning and food preservation. Ty Innovations provide cooking appliance, like Microwave, Speed Oven, Convection Oven and Rice Cooker. Which serve all your needs.  

How should you choose your Cooking Appliance?

TY Innovations is your reliable refrigeration partner to support your retail outlets as you expand. We believe that the best devices last long, preserve the quality of your produce and also save energy and cost. This is where Ty Innovations' line of commercial equipment stand out in Singapore!

Our team of experts has dug deep in our research and sourced for the best line of microwave solutions. Durable, easy-to-use and built-to-last, our cooking appliance in Singapore are guaranteed to serve you in the best ways possible. Originating from Japan, we carry world-famous brands like Panasonic Business, Sharp, Daiwa, Maruzen and more – which are known to offer the most state-of-the-art and futuristic merchandises in the world.

Why Choose Ty Innovations as Your Preferred Supplier in Singapore?

Ty Innovations is one of the top suppliers for kitchen and refrigeration equipment with a plethora of renowned brands under our portfolio. Not only do we have a wide variety of commercial kitchen equipment at your disposal, but we are also dedicated to providing an unmatched procurement experience for you. Whether you are looking for a commercial kitchen equipment or commercial refrigeration, we are here to assist! Get in touch today.