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Get 2 Door Glass Door Showcase and More for Your Business Needs

A glass door showcase is a compact and practical refrigeration appliance that exposes the chilled products through a delicate glass facade. If you own an establishment such as a convenience store, supermarket, beverage store, restaurant, café and more, it is about time to invest in a glass door showcase.

Apart from being a storage space that accurately regulates the conditions for chilled products and consumables, it also works incredibly as a marketing tool. Why? Simply because your customers can catch a glimpse into what you are selling at a glance, without having to fling open an obstructing opaque front. Moreover, it has the ability to entice customers into making a purchase, even when they have no intention to do so. As humans, we are all driven by visuals – and the truth is, some customers won’t pay attention to the products that your establishment offers, until they see it for themselves.

Plus, believe it or not, most glass door chillers are in-built with enhanced interior lighting to create a visual appeal. Now, here is your opportunity to illuminate your product and present them at their best.

Types of Glass Door Showcase

Depending on the quantitative needs of your establishment, you have the option to choose between:

  • 1 Door Glass Door Showcase
  • 2 Door Glass Door Showcase
  • 3 Door Glass Door Showcase

Apart from the door configurations, you can also consider:

  • Whether you want to purchase one with castor wheels attached
  • Whether you’d prefer one with upright or under-counter style

Why Choose Ty Innovations as Your Preferred Supplier in Singapore?

Ty Innovations is one of the top suppliers for kitchen and refrigeration equipment with a plethora of renowned brands under our portfolio. Not only do we have a wide variety of glass door showcase at your disposal, but we are also dedicated to providing an unmatched procurement experience for you. Whether you are looking for a 2 door glass door showcase, 3 door glass door showcase or any other display showcase equipment, we are here to assist! Get in touch today.