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We are the leading ice cream equipment provider in Singapore. With a wide variety of ice cream equipment that can fit into your budget, we are your partner to make your dream cafe a reality. Our product line includes Ice cream display freezer, Glass Door Freezer, Gelato Machines like, Gelato Dispensers, Combined Machines, Upright Batch Freezers, Pasteurisers , Table-Top Batch Freezers, even Soft Serve Dispenser and Blast Freezers.

Why choose Ty Innovations as your partner?

A good Ice cream display freezer must be able to withstand the heavy duty usage in a commercial environment and increase sales for your business. Any breakdown or malfunction could easily cause losses or opportunity costs in your business. Worse of all, it may damage your brand image. Hence, it is crucial to invest in reliable ice cream equipment to support you business.

With global leading brands like ISA, Gelmatic, Valmar, Rubicone, Kinco, Panasonic, Daiwa and Carrier, Ty Innovations aims to provide reliable and innovative products to our clients. We aim to maximize value and reduce unnecessary risk for our clients.

Moreover, as both ingredient and equipment supplier, our team is your gelato specialist! Our teams understand both ice cream and the ice cream equipment, and we will be able to guide you on the best fit for your budget.

What’s In It for You?

In addition, choosing Ty Innovations entitles you to premium customer service. We remain dedicated to offering the best services to all our customers. The team priorities our customers’ needs above all else.

Rest assured that when you choose our line of ice cream equipment, our team in Singapore will recommend the best solutions to meet your concerns.

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