Stainless Steel Upright Ice Maker in Singapore

Ty Innovations’ range of Stainless Steel Upright Ice Maker are the creams of the crop in Singapore. With an extensive range of products in our listing, customer able to search for things they want on our website.

Stainless Steel Upright Ice Maker is designed to produce the ice in a fast-speed, specifically for bigger and crowded restaurant which helps to boost their productivity in the kitchen as it helps to save your time.

Likewise, it can build and contain more ice due to its bigger storage and design purposes. Without having to keep producing ice every few hours.

With Upright Ice Maker imported from Japan, we are the leading refrigeration services provider in Singapore. We have products of all sizes to suit your household or working space.

What’s In It for You?

In addition, choosing Ty Innovations entitles you to premium customer service. We remain dedicated to offering the best services to all our customers. The team prioritises our customers’ needs above all else.

Rest assured that when you choose our line of stainless steel upright ice maker, our team in Singapore will recommend the best solutions to meet your concerns

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