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Get Commercial Glass Display Chiller for Your Business

Marketing Strategy - Enhance your retail design

Most commercial glass display chiller are in-built with enhanced interior lighting to create a visual appeal. It is designed to showcase your beverages, flowers, meat, dairy, fruits, vegetables and many more chilled products to your customers. .

A commercial glass display fridge is a widely-used refrigerator in Singapore businesses. If you own an establishment such as a convenience store, supermarket, beverage store, restaurant, café and more, it is recommended to invest in a commercial glass display chiller for your chilled products.

Apart from being a storage space that accurately regulates the conditions for chilled products and consumables, it also works incredibly as a marketing tool. Why? Simply because your customers can catch a glimpse into what you are selling at a glance, without having to fling open an obstructing opaque front. Moreover, it has the ability to entice customers into making a purchase, even when they have no intention to do so. As humans, we are all driven by visuals – and the truth is, some customers won’t pay attention to the products that your establishment offers, until they see it for themselves.

How should you choose your glass display chiller?

Durability - A good commercial glass display chiller must be able to withstand the heavy duty usage in a commercial environment. Any breakdown or malfunction could easily cause losses or opportunity costs in your business. Worse of all, it may damage your brand image. Hence, it is crucial to invest in a reliable commercial refrigerator to support you business.

Temperature - Certain products should only be stored in certain environment temperature to ensure the freshness of the products. Usual commercial glass chiller is around 3-7°C, but a good commercial glass chiller needs to be 1-4°C for more sensitive products like dairy and meat.

No Condensation - A good commercial glass display chiller cannot have condensation. Condensation causes water droplets to fog up your glass and block your products. Hence, it is extremely important to invest in an anti-fog glass chiller to ensure that your commercial glass display fridge serves its purpose of displaying your products to your customers.

Types of Glass Door Showcase

These are the common type of glass display chiller & freezer: 1 Glass Door Chiller, 2 Glass Door Chiller, 3 Glass Door Chiller, 1 Glass Door Freezer, 2 Glass Door Freezer, 3 Glass Door Freezer

Apart from the door configurations, you can also consider:

Why Choose Ty Innovations as Your Preferred Supplier in Singapore?

Ty Innovations is one of the top suppliers for commercial refrigeration equipment with a wide range of well-known brands under our portfolio. Our team of experts has dug deep in our research and sourced for the best line of refrigeration solutions. Durable, easy-to-use and built-to-last, our commercial glass display chillers in Singapore are guaranteed to serve you in the best ways possible. Originating from Japan, we carry world-famous brands like Panasonic Business, Uniko, Daiwa, ISA and more – which are known to offer the most state-of-the-art and futuristic merchandises in the world.

TY Innovations is your reliable refrigeration partner to support your retail outlets as you expand. We believe that the best devices last long, preserve the freshness of your produce and also save energy and cost. This is where Ty Innovations' line of commercial glass chiller stand out in Singapore!

Whether you are looking for a beverage chiller, flower chiller, dairy chiller, meat chiller or any other display showcase equipment, we are here to assist! Get in touch today.

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