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Get Commercial Glass Display Freezer for Your Business

Ty Innovations Glass Door Upright Freezer Fridge is durable - as the usage is high to withstand the environment, it will keep your frozen food well with the right temperature and higher in value. It has stable temperature, as only the correct temperature works for frozen products. Hence, you have to pick the right freezer to maintain the quality of your products. It won't cause fogging, as the purpose of purchasing glass door fridge is to display your products which allow your customer to be able to view the products you have. Which we provide anti-fog glass freezer to ensure that your commercial glass door display serve its purpose.

Types of Glass Door Showcase

These are the common type of glass display chiller & freezer. 1 Glass Door Chiller, 2 Glass Door Chiller, 3 Glass Door Chiller, 1 Glass Door Freezer, 2 Glass Door Freezer, 3 Glass Door Freezer:

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Need larger storage space?

A more cost-effective solution for larger storage space is to build a Coldroom in your facility.

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Why Choose Ty Innovations as Your Preferred Supplier in Singapore?

Ty Innovations is one of the top suppliers for commercial refrigeration equipment with a wide range of well-known brands under our portfolio. Our team of experts has dug deep in our research and sourced for the best line of refrigeration solutions. Durable, easy-to-use and built-to-last, our commercial glass display freezers in Singapore are guaranteed to serve you in the best ways possible.

TY Innovations is your reliable refrigeration partner to support your retail outlets as you expand. We believe that the best devices last long, preserve the freshness of your produce and also save energy and cost. This is where Ty Innovations' line of commercial glass freezer stand out in Singapore!

Whether you are looking for an ice cream glass freezer, ice cream display showcase, supermarket freezer and more, we are here to assist! Get in touch today.