SUR-K1261CA Panasonic Japan K Series 2 Door Pillarless Stainlesss Steel Undercounter Combination Refrigerator, F:104L R:110L

Weight 78.0 kg

The PANASONIC K Series Energy Saving Undercounter Chiller and Freezer is a Commercial Stainless Steel Storage Refrigerator fridge (Self Evaporating) equipment that comes with a wide temperature setting (Chiller: -6˚C to 12˚C and Freezer: -25 to -15˚C), Pillarless Design and in-built LED lights (Chiller only) that is suitable for your kitchen, supermarket or home use. It is a good choice for storing a wide range of food products. Stock available from Singapore. The unit comes with detachable condenser filter, stylish exterior and hygienic design with door handle design with anti bacterial treatment and a mold proof material that is used for the gaskets. It comes with automatic defrost function and adjustable standing legs. Most importantly, it is environmental friendly, which is achieve with using Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) Free refrigerant. Made in China.  [Download K Series Full Catalog]

Model available: SUR-K1261SA SUR1271SA SUR-K1561SA SUR-K1571SA SUR-K1861SA- SUR-K1271SA-R SUR-K1871SA SUF-K1261SA SUF-K1561SA SUF-K1571SA SUF-K1861SA SUF-K1871SA SRR-K781 SRR-K1281 SRR-K1581 SUR-K1261CA SUR-K1561CA SUR-K1571CA SRF-K681 SRF-K1863A SRR-K781C SRR-K761C SUR-K1571-E SRR-K1281SA SRF-K1281SA 

Moreover, the new Panasonic Inverter K Series commercial stainless steel storage refrigerator has a higher performance and temperature range. In terms of higher cooling capacity and wider area. Moreover, this improves storage capabilities in kitchen, supermarkets and home use settings.  All in all, there are upright and undercounter chiller and freezer design available for your kitchen cold storage needs. With a lower cooling temperature, it will help limit bacteria growth, ensuring your stainless steel fridge meets your requirements of increasing better performance and preserving your food in top notch quality!

The new Panasonic Inverter K Series, which improves more energy savings through Panasonic brand in-house compressor and whole system design and fan technology.

Notes: Specifications are subjected to changes without prior notice.*Commercial use only. Kindly provide measurements of installation site upon order confirmation. There will be additional charges if it require carrying over stairs or counters. We will not bear any responsibility if this result in failure to deliver or install if there is no prior site survey made or site information provided.


1. Price of Product includes Standard Installation and Delivery only.
2. Our company reserves the rights to make changes in Specifications, Design and Price of the Product without prior notice.
3. Product includes 1 Year On-Site Warranty Service.
4. Standard Installation and Delivery does not include carrying over the counter, carrying up the stairs. Extra charges will be incurred should there be a requirement for delivery and installation at these conditions. Site Survey is Highly Recommended before making a purchase to ensure a smooth purchase and delivery process.
5. Site Survey is chargeable at $40 per location, refundable upon product purchase.
6. Should customers not request for a site survey, they are required to ensure sufficient space, dimension M&E provision points at the installation location. Customers are also required to ensure the delivery route from the unloading point to the delivery location meets our delivery requirement and conditions.
7. Any omissions above resulting in failure to deliver/install, our company bears no relevant responsibilities and there will be extra charges in re-delivery and installation. Our company reserves the rights to bring back the equipment upon failed delivery.
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