DLR-066 Daiwa 2 Door Upright Chiller Stainless Steel

  • No Self Evaporating Kit No Self Evaporating Kit
  • Add Self Evaporating Kit (+$200) Add Self Evaporating Kit (+$200)
Weight 81.0 kg
Dimensions 600 × 650 × 1960 mm




Volume (L)


Cooling Type

Refrigerator Type


Temperature Control


Power Consumption (W)

228/238 (Cooling)
200/210 (Motor)
305 (Heater)

Power Source

1 Phase / 220~240V / 50~60Hz
1.4A / UK 13A Plug


Satisfying Usability:

  • Micro-computer control with digital display
  • Including the partition, the whole body foam is insulated to strengthen and improve thermal insulation
  • Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) free thermal insulator; environmentally friendly
  • Improved door-back and gasket enhances the performance of thermal insulation
  • Embedded gasket is easy to install/replace due to the inlay type
  • Passed 300,000 times door open/close test; stainless steel hinges endures frequent door open/close movements
  • Door automatically closes even if it is accidentally left open and such a mechanism prevents internal temperature from being affected (i.e. prevents temperature from rising)
  • Stopper that is installed on the rack prevents overloading which allows cool air to flow smoothly inside the refrigerator and keep compartments at a constant temperature

Easy Maintenance:

  • Clear coat stainless steel gives it better water-repellency and oil-repellency which makes it even easier to keep the refrigerator clean
  • Large drain trap prevents clogging, prevents odours, prevents leakage of cool air and prevents bugs from entering
  • Internal edges and corners are curved and therefore makes it easy to clean
  • Door handles are designed for an easier grip
  • Flip-up front panel makes it easier for refrigerator checks and maintenance
  • Air filter protects condenser from dust and is also easy to remove for washing

Attentive Design and Safety for Customers:

  • Reverse doors: Freely set door direction according to installed location (parts of reverse doors are available as option)
  • For easy delivery, machine parts can be easily separated
  • Resin legs prevents stains and rust
  • Resin legs’ heights are easily adjustable (maximum adjustable height up to 30mm)
  • Earth leakage breaker is equipped to improve safety when using refrigerator

The DAIWA Upright Chiller is a firm, durable and aesthetically pleasing refrigerator for professional users. Made in Japan.

Note: Specifications are subjected to changes without prior notice.


1. Price of Product includes Standard Installation and Delivery only.
2. Our company reserves the rights to make changes in Specifications, Design and Price of the Product without prior notice.
3. Product includes 1 Year On-Site Warranty Service.
4. Standard Installation and Delivery does not include carrying over the counter, carrying up the stairs. Extra charges will be incurred should there be a requirement for delivery and installation at these conditions. Site Survey is Highly Recommended before making a purchase to ensure a smooth purchase and delivery process.
5. Site Survey is chargeable at $40 per location, refundable upon product purchase.
6. Should customers not request for a site survey, they are required to ensure sufficient space, dimension M&E provision points at the installation location. Customers are also required to ensure the delivery route from the unloading point to the delivery location meets our delivery requirement and conditions.
7. Any omissions above resulting in failure to deliver/install, our company bears no relevant responsibilities and there will be extra charges in re-delivery and installation. Our company reserves the rights to bring back the equipment upon failed delivery.
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