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Commercial Electric Deep Fryer

For modern restaurants in Singapore, frying pans have now become a thing of the past. Gone are the days where you step into a professional kitchen and spot chefs picking up a frying pan – commercial electric deep fryers have now conquered the food and beverages sphere! To keep up with the influx of orders and minimise waiting time, there is certainly a need to speed up processes – and that is why restaurants have turned to a more efficient way of cooking, with the aid of commercial electric deep fryers. In fact, besides its efficiency, there are far more advantages to a commercial electric deep fryer than you’d ever imagine. 

Benefits of Electric Deep Fryers

Better Quality

Over the years, electric deep fryers have been recognised for producing equitable and better-quality food. Unlike frying pans where there is a possibility of undercooking or overcooking when a chef is not vigilant, electric deep fryers are usually equipped with automatic settings, food odour filter and thermostat to control the temperature, ensuring the most ideal outcome. 

Lower Costs

Comes with an oil filter feature that automatically filters used oil, commercial electric deep fryers enable you to reuse the oil with zero wastage. Not only can you get the most out of your oil, but electric deep fryers also help to lower electricity usage. They are built for energy efficiency. Thus, these deep fryers consume far lesser electricity than your traditional tools. 

Safety features

Whether you are a restaurant chef or a home cook, we’ve all been through the instance of getting splattered by hot cooking oil. The good news is, with an electric deep fryer, you no longer have to run the risk of getting yourself burnt by violent oil bubbles. Electric deep fryers are geared with plenty of safety features, one of which is a lid that prevents oil from splattering around.

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